Innovation Investment

Innovation Investment

We actively continue to implement financial innovation, and expand business areas such as inclusive finance and technology incubation. By innovatively allocating insurance funds and exploring risk mitigation mechanisms, we have succeeded in eliminating the barriers of financing for tech SMEs and rural firms. 

Holding up the customer-centered value and relying on the investment expertise and rich industry resources, we have actively provided investments and financial advisory services for many customers, including SND issue, capital operation, scheme design, asset management and investment consultation, and won a widespread recognition from customers.

Inclusive Finance

PICC Capital was the first in the insurance industry to develop inclusive finance which "support agricultural industry and small businesses". Our funding resources have so far been available in 30 provinces and benefited more than 370,000 customers. Our "supporting agriculture, supporting small businesses" business unit has covered 30 provinces across the country, supporting more than 370,000 customers. We helped PICC P&C Insurance create a "government guarantee financing" model, with no collateral, credit records and third-party guarantees.

Science and Technology Incubation

PICC Capital is committed to mobilizing third-party resources to open up opportunities for tech SMEs. With our technology investment fund, we aim to alleviate the financing difficulties and help lower financial costs for tech SMEs. So far, through the fund, we have provided more than RMB 400 million worth of financing for tech entities, and invested in 98 start-ups, including 13 NEEQ-listed firms and 70 high-tech manufacturers.